Rui Lima e Sérgio Martins

Rui Lima and Sérgio Martins were born in Porto in 1981 and 1982. They met in 1997 at the Art School Soares dos Reis, when they both had different musical background. Soon, started to create several projects with video, photography and music directed by artists such as Joana Providência, Alfredo Martins, João Garcia Miguel, Ana Luena (Teatro Bruto), Jorge Andrade (Mala Voadora), Cristina Carvalhal, Andresa Soares, Victor Hugo Pontes, Nuno Cardoso, Miira Sippola, Marco Ferreira, among many others, having presented their work in Portugal, Spain, France, Germany, Israel, Macedonia, Finland, Brazil and Russia. As musicians/performers they play in several experimental projects and in the present they’re members of the musical projects – “Mlynarczyk” and “Ekco Deck”.

In cinema, they composed the soundtrack for the movie “Veneno Cura” directed by Raquel Freire (2007) and short films “Ausstieg” and “Sobre El Cielo” directed by Jorge Quintela.